George Calis

As a painter who is inspired by nature, I tell a story about colour in association with mood on my canvases.

Through my travels and walks in nature, I get inspired every time I get to rest in places that I want to work on. Through meditation images of colour come to me and they stick to my memory. When I am in such a place I close my eyes and let my senses work.

I listen to sounds like the one the wind makes which informs me that the vegetation moves and the leaves caress each other and you almost hear the matter of the leaf as the drought has a different sound after the rain.

The seasons also play an important role here.

Of course you also hear the birds better, especially in the spring confirming that everything is in full growth.


Also the sense of smell plays an important role, so it may be that the scent of grass or trees and shrubs give an impression of the different greenery that is there.

Sometimes I pick a blade of grass or a spice in the neighbourhood I’m in and take it in my mouth to taste.


And of course the view, what do my eyes see when I zoom in on the distance? For example the blushing of the humidity in the air that makes the green fade to an almost watery colour.

As I look more into it, I see how everything is made up of scenes that come closer together. At my feet I see a landscape spreading over a boulder and a tree trunk that is overgrown by moss with little flowers all around it. Water is also an element that can be read into a lot, such as reflection, flow and scent.

If I then sit in the field and allow everything to work on me, I am able to work in plain air, in other words I have landed and am grounded.

Often I come home after a day in nature without having painted or accidentally had no materials at hand. Then the atmosphere often follows me and works in my studio and I am able to use my impressions in the creation of a new project.

During my painting I worked a lot with different artists who, through their knowledge and tips, have led me to become the independent artist I am now.